It’s unbelievable! I was really so sad when I contacted you a month ago as nobody had succeeded in getting my Mikko back. I was in real need of help, and even serious spell casters failed until now ! I was just astonished what you, Magistrate Caedmon and your incredible team, did for me only in a few weeks! A thousand thank you! Karja, Finland

Hello Magistrate and everyone! I just wanted to thank you for what you did! My debts are entirely covered now and I don’t suffer  from poverty, as I done the last 20 years. I just can’t understand why I haven’t asked you before to help me! Arrogance and stupid pride, I guess… anyway, I am now so happy to help my family, to invite my friends, to travel everywhere... in short, I am so glad to live again!Richard, USA

I am still wondering how you did that… I lost 100lb in less than 20 days after you started the spell! And my weight is still decreasing, I am about to reach the most perfect one to my height! Now my husband is looking at me in a VERY different way… This is so great, thank you High Priestess Kassandra, and thank you all for this miracle! Saara, Holland

The woman I met thanks to your powerful love spell is above my dreams… Her name is Samantha, she is a 24 year young beauty, and she likes just the same things as me! Besides, she is a catholic like me, which was one of the main important thing I asked you for! God bless you all! Marc, USA

Your reading was right! I am so glad that the spell you casted for me, the one that you advised me actually, was the most adapted to make Mohammed and I stay together! He is now everyday to my side, and we are about to get married in a month! I can’t believe that you succeeded in changing the mind of our families that were against our marriage! Your magic is the best ever, thank you all again for your serious! Rachida, Marocco

I have just two words in my heart, that I want to dedicate you: thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When Samuel called me for an appointment, I had nearly a heart attack! It’s been only one month that you cast the spell, and he is already back! This spell you cast is just so powerful that he can’t spend a minute without me! My joy is permanent, such as the spell you cast! Be blessed, you and your team, thank you sooo much!!Francoise, Belgium

Since my last boyfriend I have felt so lonely. You know that as I explained that thoroughly in my first email to you guys. I wished for my heart to be filled with love and happiness and you did that! I have met the perfect guy and I am to be promoted tomorrow at work! It seems that the Gods are smiling at me and you are the reason why. I will be your faithful follower for ever. Hanna, UK

My dearest Magistrate Caedmon, Even if you probably don’t remember me, I would like to thank you again! I ordered a Love Spell from your Coven one year ago. My wife Kathy was about to ask for a divorce, I was desperate. I choosed Master Oluf’s Spell and she came back within 3 weeks (I still can’t believe it!), then we got married, and she got pregnant. Remember me? Well I would like to thank you one more time, as our first baby, Oluf (I choose this name for my baby, please tell Master Oluf!), is now born, thanks to you guys.  Love you forever! Eric, Colorado

Hi Magistrate Caedmon, I know it has been only 12 days since you cast the Freedom Spell, and that you told me to update you in 3 weeks, but I can already feel it is okay now! The curse has been less and less strong every hour since yesterday (I could really feel it in my heart, precisely), and now honestly I think – in fact I know - it has already totally disappeared! I feel like a flying bird compared to what I have been during the dark months I’ve been through! Thank you! Vladimir, Romania

I can’t believe it! It was true: I just won the LOTTERY!!! I called them it is correct I am not going mad (well in fact yes I am!!!), they are going to transfer the money in a few days!!!!!!!!!! I am now very rich my friend!!! Thank you and thanks Dr. Salem and thanks Master Oluf and thanks Fate!!!
Ola, Gothenburg, Sweden

It worked!!! You are the best on earth! He called me two days ago, apologized, begged for pardon and he asked me if he could move again with me!!! Now he is sleeping again by my side, we made love again (and it was really great!), he is loving, caring and everything! Woaaahhhh I’m so happy thank you thank you thank you!!! I was so happy that I forgot to write you immediately (sorry about that but I think you will understand!). For sure I will come back to you for other things! Emily, Vancouver

To Magistrate Caedmon and Kassandra : Thank you again for everything, my life is totally different now. I owe you everything. I am free from all the evil forces that were surrounding me and killing me. I am a new person, with a new destiny. I feel like I was born again, with a new spirit, a new soul and a new body. People around me do not understand how I could change so fast. It is simply amazing. Thank you! Caroline; N.Y.


Last a letter with some kind words:

Hi all!

I want to express my gratitude towards what Magistrate Caedmon and (you all)the Coven have done for me, because it's simply amazing.

I met my soulmate John years ago, back in college. We have been together for 5 years, got engaged, and then just before the wedding he suddenly broke up and ran away. It happened 3 years ago but I do remember it as if it was yesterday.  It literally killed me. I was desperate, deeply depressed, crying every day. Honestly my life was hell on earth, I couldn’t find where he was, or if he had find someone else, nothing. I was nearly going to commit suicide. Then a friend of mine told me he had used many online spellcasters and that I should ask for the “secret coven’s help”. He told me they were the best ones, and actually the only ones who totally succeeded with their spells (he did not want to tell me which spells he got though). At the beginning I did not believe him (and I was a little bit scared, but he reassured me), but I was so desperate that I tried to. The results were beyond my expectations. Magistrate Caedmon proposed me three spells, I chose Master Oluf’s one, the Black Magic Infinite Love Spell. John came back in exactly 27 days! He contacted me (I had not heard from him since 6 months), saying he was sorry, that he ran away because he had met somebody else he thought he was in love with, that he made the biggest mistake he ever made, that I was the one he really loved, and that he would understand if I won’t accept him back. I forgave him and since this day, were are a happy married couple, and I am going to have my first child in about 3 weeks (a boy or a girl, we decided not to know it before it’s there!). John is loving and caring, even more than in the old days. A real paradise.

I will never forget you guys. I you all my happiness and my baby!

Cassandra, L.A. USA