Frequently Asked Questions


1.I am not a believer of any God, will this still work?
ANSWER: Yes, of course it will work even though you do not believe in a God! You only need to believe in the desire you have, and the powers of miracles!

2. This is my 4th spell cast for the same situation. Will your spell work when others have failed?
ANSWER: YES, it will be able to help you when others have failed! What other spell caster do wrong is that they are not true to themselves. They want so much to help you that they promise more than they can deliver. It doesn't mean they have lied to you, only that they took a chance and really hoped they could help. We will do an honest analyze of your situation and give you an honest answer about what can be done. We wont make empty promises!

3. You are honest about what you can do but what about how long it will take? Will you be honest and tell me how long it will take?
ANSWER: Yes, of course we are honest about it! We wont tell you it will take 2 days as some (unfortunately fake) spell casters promises. We know that magick is an art and not science and as every individual is different and every case is different; the time before results will be different. Most have results within 6 weeks but we can not promise that. We hope you understand.

4. I understand that it can take time to see full results, but what can you do something to speed it up?
ANSWER: Yes, Of course we can speed up the spell! You can request a extra cast with the original cast. You pay 100 USD extra for that. When you pay for the extra cast, you have the right for one full recast after 6 weeks have passed (otherwise it is 8 weeks). So, the spell + a booster spell. If you are not happy with the results after 6 weeks we can do the recast.

5. Do you have a guarantee?
ANSWER: Yes, of course we have a guarantee! We guarantee to give you all from day one! We will monitor so your spell is always on the right path and we will do all that is needed to give the spell the best conditions for success. We will stay by your side until the spell have produced the miracle you desire! If you want to be sure the results comes as swiftly as possible, order the extra cast. You always have a free recast of your spell if you are not happy with the results. No questions asked!

6. Is your magick safe for me?
ANSWER: Yes ,this is safe! We do not cast spells that will give any unwanted side-effects or bad karma. You are in the hands of professionals with a combined practice of 130 years! We know what we are doing.

7. Is it true you master wicca, voodoo, black and white magic?
ANSWER: Yes, it is true that we can cast any type of spell. Since we are a coven of 5, we all have our specialties and can help ALL clients.

8. I would like to pay safely with credit card, Is that possible?
ANSWER: Yes, our payment system is safe! You can pay with Visa, Master Card and other normal debit/credit cards. We use the same payment system as some of the biggest online sellers do.

9. After I paid, do I contact you again?
ANSWER: Yes, you contact us after you paid! Then we book the date of the cast (unless we already did it). You will get the instructions for an easy candle ritual you need to perform.

10. Will the results be more stable and last longer if I do the candle ritual?
ANSWER: Yes, the spell will benefit from the candle ritual! It is very easy and will also help you relax. The ritual, or ceremony, will help you and the spell to connect.  Everyone before you have done it and had no problems. You will be able to do it, and you will like it!