We can help YOU


We will help you find the solution you need. Below is a selection of spells and services we offer. All spell are custom made. We can help you even if you do not see the spells you seek below.

Most clients see results within 6 weeks. However, you need to be aware that every case is unique and every person is unique. Read more about this on our FAQ page.


There are no side-effects to our spells. We take every case very serious and we work until we have the desired result.


We might be very busy and we can not promise that we can take your case at once. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, though. Contact us today!


The spell casts are NOT free. We put much time, energy, knowledge and materials into every cast. Therefore our service costs from 150 USD and up to 700 USD. The price you pay depends on your unique situation. The more you ask for and the more complex the situation is, the more it costs. We hope you understand. For every spell there is a sacrifices to be made, or you will gain bad karma. Your sacrifice is of the material one. Money.


We offer casts of Wicca, white, black, and voodoo spells. We will determine which would be best for your situation.


Different Spells

The most usual spells are Love spells. We have a wide range of solutions. All from "getting your ex back" to "stopping a divorce". There are usually many factors that comes into play in a love crisis. We can focus on all of them to really clear out all bad energies. No request is too complex for us! We turn the impossible into the possible. Enjoy true love and find forever happiness with our special love spells!

Spells to help your financial problems is the second most requested service. We have spells to produce great wins in lottery to remove all debt and strengthen your monthly income. Anyone can use the "normal" money spells to enhance their finances to a level where you do not need to worry about not having enough money in the end of the month. For the special money spells we pick out only 5 per year who will be questioned and finally approved for it. With great powers come great responsibility. We make sure the money do not come into bad peoples hands.

Luck and opportunity spells are spells that everyone should use. The universe gives each one of us opportunities and positive energies that we call luck. it comes in random frequencies but with a spell we can provoke them to come much more frequently! Luck can turn into better job, finance, love, sex etc.

Protection and curses are close at hand. One is aggressive and the other offensive. Protection spells can remove a curse, banish bad people and remove bad energies that obstruct with your well-being! A curse is used to punish someone who deserves it. You might have been dealt wrong and want share your pain. Getting back is a way to feel better for some people. We can help you feel better!


Many are feeling ashamed and hide themselves. They are not happy with their body or they have some defects that keeps them out of the social gatherings. Are you 100% happy with yourself? If you are, then great :)  If not, then we can help you feel great! Our can help you lose weight, modify a part of your body that you do not feel happy with and enhance your beauty! Skip those expensive and painful operations. We can do it better and it's painless!