Our Powers are unmeasurable!



Many before you have used our excellent services, and they have all been more than pleased. We ask you though not to spread the word of our presence. Our ways are unique and there are many who are jealous of our results. Most casters see us as abominations because we solve the most complex situation as it was nothing to us. We understand how they feel. Working hard on your case and only produce vague results, if any results at all. Then you come to us and we give you more and better results than you could ever dream of. Of course your previous spell caster will not be pleased to hear about our results.


All our work are 100% confidential. You should keep ALL confidential as well! No one may EVER know that you used our services!


The coven has 130 years of combined experience and knowledge. This is the key to a perfect analyze of each case. For each case and client, we gather to go through your situation and we always agree on the best way to solve it. We appoint the one of us who is the most appropriate for your spell cast. Since we together master many different types of magick, there is no case we can not solve.


Magistrate Caedmon - I am the coordinator of the coven. I gather the other spell casters and I make sure you are getting the best service possible. I am the one you will have contact with when you email us. I am taught in the ways of Celtic and shamanic teachings. I work with healing and positive energies. I lead the rituals and spell casts. I make sure you get what you ask for.
Voodoo Dr.Salem - Maybe the most powerful voodoo and hoodoo spell caster right now. 30 years of helping people with complex situations. Originated from Haiti with a background of voodoo and hoodoo practitioners.

High-Priestess Kassandra - Our Wicca and Celtic mistress of magic. She uses the power of the pure white magic to help you. She is specialized in beauty, body and health spells.
Master Oluf - The master of black magic and a devoted fan of Celtic magick. He has been practicing magic for 35 years and is what we would call a "super spell caster". His impressive statistics speaks for itself! 100% success in the last 8 months. He is very picky with who he will help. He believes it is destiny who decides who would stumble upon our coven, and have the privilege to use our services.
Gary - Our medium who can connect with the dead. He had his first supernatural experience as a kid when he saw his grandfather die in front of him. At the same moment he saw his grandfathers soul leave the body. The impressive experience pushed him for years to really use his skill. In collage he started to have seance sessions with classmates. He then started to study Wicca magic and is the latest recruit to the coven. Gary is our webmaster and do all the technology related things in the coven.