Dear friend,

Fate brought you here! Now, step into a realm of magick, so different from anything  you have ever encountered before.

In a world of pain and suffering, I, Magistrate Caedmon, have united four other caring and devoted spell casters, into a secret coven of five.

Our manifesto is to help every single soul out there, including you! We will not stop until all pain and hurt is gone from the world.

This might sound romantic, with the idea of an Utopia, but the truth is that with our high set goals, our constant will to become better, we will deliver amazing results for you.

Magick in it's purest form is something wonderful and energizing. Let us take you to a place beyond your problems. Let us help you with the hardships you face in your life!

We master love, money, protection, beauty and so much more....

Blessed be,
Magistrate Caedmon